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Born in Madrid, Spain, Paloma Hinojosa has been painting ever since she was a little girl. Painting became more serious for her from the age of 12, but this self-taught artist never had vocational training. She did go to the Escuela de Artes y Oficios (School of Art and Trade) but did not study Fine Art. In fact, after finishing her studies, she started working at IBM. As she became more involved in
her painting, she changed her job and worked only in the morning so she could spend more time painting. Today, you will find Hinojosa every day in her studio in Madrid, which in her opinion is the “best city to live in.”


"El Chiringuito" 38" x 51"


"Placida Tarde" 38" x 64"


"Mujeres en el Sur" 77" x 77"

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